California Academy of Sciences Case Study

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July 19, 2018
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California Academy of Sciences Case Study

Located in Golden Gate Park, the $380,000,000 California Academy of Sciences was designed by world-famous architect Renzo Piano in conjunction with Chong Partners.

While the completed Academy is a masterpiece of architecture and design, turning Mr. Piano’s vision into reality was very engineering-intensive and technically complicated. The building's complexity presented TEECOM with many engineering challenges as well as a great opportunity to showcase its portfolio of technical capabilities.

The areas covered by the case study include:

  • How an integrated network saved the Academy $4,000,000 in upfront capital cost savings as well as $875,000 in ongoing operational costs.
  • How TEECOM designed a robust but unobtrusive security system that adapts to the changing features of visiting exhibitions.
  • Update: How 2017 upgrades to the planetarium audiovisual system made the largest all-digital dome theater in the world even more immersive.

Technology is integral to the success of cultural venues, and these lessons learned will be valuable to cultural facilities owners and architects.

Case Study