Closing the Skill Gap in Mission Critical Education

Editorial Team
July 18, 2022
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Closing the Skill Gap in Mission Critical Education

Shaun Barnes, CNIDP, CDCDP, CTPM contributed to this article.

We recently published a blog post addressing the competition for talent within the ever-expanding Mission Critical industry. When writing the post, it became apparent that the lack of direct Mission Critical knowledge and training is what is fueling the competition for talent between clients and firms.

This missing piece of Mission Critical education is made obvious when both clients and firms are faced with employee turnover and need to hire and train new team members quickly. Finding talented recruits who have experience with Data Centers, client-specific skills, or both is a rarity. In turn, clients and firms are left with the task of filling in the increasing gaps in technical skills that new team members may have.

How Does the Skill Gap Affect Mission Critical Clients?

Anyone who has Mission Critical experience knows that projects move quickly, are very technical, and often come with high expectations. Because clients, alongside firms, are struggling to find experienced talent, they are relying on multiple firms to complete one data center project. The stress of managing complex projects, internal teams, and external firms is further complicated when new team members join and need to be brought up to speed as quickly as possible.

Graphic of a list. Title of Graphic reads: "What Clients Need From Their Preferred Partners to Achieve Success".Bulleted list reads:- Experienced and knowledgeable professionals working on projects- Thorough and efficient training processes in place for new team members- The ability to answer questions, solve problems, and provide recommendations based on past experiences and successes- New team members to be trained on client specifications, needs, and best practices- Reassurance on how employee turnover is handled by a firm

How Does the Skill Gap Affect Professionals Entering the Mission Critical Industry?

Talented engineers, designers, and specialists are looking for careers in the Mission Critical industry for a variety of reasons. They might be excited about the rapid growth of the industry and the variety of client opportunities it presents, or maybe they are ready to take the next step in their career and are hoping to expand their education and skill sets. Regardless of their motive for entering the Mission Critical industry, we want to make sure that future team members have all of the tools and training that they need to have a successful and long-term career at TEECOM.

Graphic of a list. Title of Graphic reads: "What Professionals Need to Achieve Success".Bulleted list reads:- Workplaces where they can grow, expand their education, have a healthy work-life balance, and avoid burnout- Opportunities to work with key industry players- A thorough and well-paced onboarding process that will set them up for success- To gain a depth of knowledge within the Mission Critical industry and/or with a particular client account

What is TEECOM's Solution?

At TEECOM, we prioritize our team members and clients by putting their wants and needs first. In order to ensure that clients’ needs are being met, we need to make sure that our current and future team members have all of the tools and resources that they need to perform well and enjoy their work.

When we see a problem, we work hard to find a solution. We have developed a comprehensive, digestible, and effective training process that gears up team members to meet and surpass client requirements in a relatively short time frame. We understand that most of our Mission Critical clients take two to three months to gain the trust of a new team member and we have found a sure-fire way to guarantee that new team members can meet clients’ needs and expectations to keep projects on schedule, budget, and deliver quality services.

We put a great deal of trust into what our team members can do. We hired them for a reason and we trust them to lead teams in the right direction and to exceed client expectations. Together with our clients, we recognize the volatility within the Mission Critical industry - our teams are trained, educated, and prepped so that projects won’t suffer when talent losses are encountered.

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