New Parkland Hospital Case Study

Editorial Team
February 2, 2017
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New Parkland Hospital Case Study

Healthcare facilities are complex, high-risk environments, increasingly reliant on a technology infrastructure that facilitates patient care but can frustrate if delivered poorly.

In this case study, TEECOM shares valuable lessons learned during our design of the integrated telecommunications, security, audiovisual, network, wireless, and voice over IP systems for the new 2,800,000 sf Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas. The areas covered by the case study include:

  • How technology fulfilled Parkland's vision for the patient experience through multiple touchpoints, including wayfinding, capturing and recording data, and enhancing security.
  • How we designed the future in.
  • How the delivery approach saved more than $25 million, and project management tools led to a $20 million surplus.

Technology can support the highest quality care. Learn how by clicking the below download link.

Case Study