Press Release: TEECOM Wins AV Consultancy of the Year Award

Editorial Team
October 17, 2019
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Press Release: TEECOM Wins AV Consultancy of the Year Award

Oakland – Oct. 17, 2019 – Technology engineering and design consultancy TEECOM won AV Magazine’s Consultancy of the Year award for 2019. Blair Parkin, Principal and Executive Vice President, collected the award at a ceremony in London on Friday evening the 11th. Parkin, who served as a judge for other categories, recused himself for this category.

“TEECOM is thrilled and honored to receive this award,” said CEO David Marks. “This reflects the hard work, dedication, and skill of many. Thank you to our clients and industry partners who made this possible. Congratulations to our AV team in both the UK and US.”

TEECOM stood out among entrants in large part because of its in-house Research and Development team. TEECOMlabs explores and evaluates emerging trends in both software and hardware so that TEECOM can keep its clients and its own teams at the forefront of technology advancement, cutting through the hype to provide reliable, actionable insight.

One of the trends TEECOMlabs is currently working on is artificial intelligence, more specifically machine learning (ML). The team is working on training a neural network to place technology infrastructure devices in BIM models based on the patterns it recognizes from libraries of past work.

Machines could save designers the many hours they spend performing these rote tasks, time they could devote to strategic conversations with clients, informed by infinite design options, obtained instantaneously. As buildings gather more data about all kinds of performance, they can feed this data directly into the ML-enabled design process to drive continuous, fast-paced improvement.

TEECOM’s work with clients at the forefront of sustainability also drew the judges’ attention. The company is helping deliver the Expo 2020 in Dubai, a technology-based exhibition that runs at a quarter of the energy normally required and features the world’s largest net-zero building.

TEECOM is also working with The Eden Project to help deliver their message of sustainability and biodiversity at new sites across the world. In the UK, these include Portland and Morecambe: placing a net-zero-energy cultural attraction mostly underground in an old mine and another on the seashore of a resort town in buildings shaped like mussel shells.


TEECOM provides strategic consulting, design and engineering, and project management for IT infrastructure, wired and wireless networks, immersive environments, acoustics, audiovisual, virtual reality, and safety and security systems. With a high proportion of licensed and certified professionals and a dedicated Research and Development team, we deliver integrated technology infrastructure that enhances the user experience, reduces construction and operations costs, and provides our clients with flexibility for the future.