Addressing the Talent Tug of War Within the Mission Critical Market

Editorial Team
May 20, 2022
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Addressing the Talent Tug of War Within the Mission Critical Market

Those who work in the Mission Critical industry are already aware of its tremendous year-over-year growth. The demand for cloud services is reaching an all-time high and it is estimated that global spending on data center systems will grow to $226 billion in 2022! Though this rapid growth shines light on an exciting future to come, it has also caused a talent shortage within the already small and competitive Mission Critical workforce. 

When it comes to working in tech, the Mission Critical field is still relatively young – because hyperscale data centers increased in popularity over the past 10 years, there aren’t a great deal of people who have a wealth of direct experience. Due to the age and size of the existing workforce, both Owners and consulting firms share the challenge of finding the talent necessary to achieve quality work.

Obstacles in the Playing Field

With the ever-increasing need for cloud-based storage, Owners are looking for skilled and experienced professionals to meet their needs and requirements, deliver world-class systems, and do so on time and within budget. When these Owners are faced with impending deadlines and then are presented with a small pool of talent to hire from, more stress is added to the project.

As Owners turn to consulting firms for niche expertise and to ease internal team workloads, these firms face similar challenges within the competitive talent pool. In addition to ensuring that quality work is being completed, firms are continuously focused on hiring employees with a depth of knowledge and extensive global experience to meet Owners’ needs.

How We’re Supporting Our Key Players

Owners and consulting firms both know that team members who have direct Mission Critical experience are incredibly valuable. They also understand that these professionals are very enticing to outside competition. This talent tug of war ultimately results in Owners and consulting firms recruiting talent from the same small pool.

After 25 years of business, we have learned firsthand that happy employees make happy clients. Our long-time clients can see the level of training, experience, care, and support that our employees receive, and in turn, they know that they will be receiving quality work from us as consultants. We believe, that rather than adding to the frenzy to find top Mission Critical talent, there are actions that both Owners and consulting firms can take to keep team members happy in their current roles.


When an Owner chooses to work with TEECOM, they are choosing to work with a consulting firm with a global presence, extensive Mission Critical experience, and unmatched skills and knowledge. At the start of a project, our team evaluates the client’s span of needs and then provides them with an adept team completely tailored and dedicated to the project requirements.

The main goal of every project we work on is to keep the client and all team members happy. To help achieve this goal, all project designs are localized to regional requirements and construction documents are drafted for installers with simplified details, coordinated memos, and matrices - both of which minimize confusion and lessen project change orders.

Could you benefit from having expert technology consultants work with you on your next project? TEECOM will be with you every step of the way, delivering the results you need while maintaining consistency and improving upon lessons learned. Our happy and experienced Mission Critical engineers and production staff are ready to help.

To learn more about how we help clients develop customized solutions catered to their installer and all necessary teams, contact us using the form at the bottom of the page!